Senate Bill 394: Major Increase in Regulation Against Homeschool Students


Last Updated: February 15. 2011
Senate Bill 394: Major Increase in Regulation Against Homeschool Students
Senator Jim Wilson

Senate Bill 394 would have drastically changed the homeschool law in Oklahoma. However, due to your action and that of state homeschool leaders like OCHEC, Senate Education Chairman John Ford has refused to hear the bill.

Senator Wilson's bill would have required parents teaching their children at home to notify their local school officials each year they were homeschooling and then submit a report of each student's academic progress at the end of each semester throughout the school year. This is not the first time Senator Wilson has introduced similar legislation.

Under this bill, homeschool parents would have had to notify their local school district of residence of their intent to provide other means of education to their children each and every school year. This notification would have been submitted either before the first day of the school year or within 10 days from when the parent began their homeschool program.

In addition to the annual notification, a homeschool parent would have been required to submit an academic progress report for each school-age student at the end of each semester of the school year. Senate Bill 394 did not state what information would have been required in the academic progress report or how a parent might have been confident that their progress report would be adequate under this new law. Because of this fact, it was highly likely that, if Senate Bill 394 had passed into law, each local school district would have different policies on what a homeschool parent would need to submit in their academic progress report.

Senate Bill 394 would also have removed the protection that homeschool students have from attendance or peace officers conducting truancy sweeps. Senator Wilson also introduced a stand alone bill that would do the same thing in Senate Bill 393.

HSLDA's Position:

HSLDA was adamantly opposed to this bill .

Action Requested:
None at this time

Introduced in the Senate on 2/7/2011
Sent to Senate Education Committee 2/8/2011
Senate Education Chairman John Ford has refused to hear bill, effectively killing this bill 2/10/11


Senator Wilson has introduced similar bills in the past to increase the regulation and control over homeschool programs in Oklahoma. Fortunately, these bills have been able to be stopped by the hard work of OCHEC and CHEF of OK as well as a strong presence at the Legislature on Home Education Capitol Day.

Please email or send a note to Senate Education Committee Chairman Senator John Ford, and thank him for his actions against Senate Bills 393 and 394. You can give him the following message in your own words:

"Thank you for your action and commitment to prevent Senate Bills 393 and 394 from being heard in the Senate Education Committee. Oklahoma has long been a state that protects the freedom of 'other means of education,' and your action has ensured that Oklahoma will continue to do so for another year. Thank you for your help to keep home education free!"

Senator John Ford, Chairman, Education Committee
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 424A
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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