Senate Bill 384: Amendment Added to Increase Requirements to Homeschool


Last Updated: January 11, 2013
Senate Bill 384: Amendment Added to Increase Requirements to Homeschool
Senators Dennis Kruse and Earline Rodgers; Representatives Robert Behning, David Yarde, Kathy Heuer and Gregory Porter

Senate Bill 384 was originally drafted to address school accreditation. The version that passed the Senate had nothing to do with homeschool programs. However, after passing the Indiana Senate the bill was amended in the House Education Committee.

In the House Education Committee hearing the amendment that was proposed required all homeschool parents to submit an educational plan before withdrawing their children from high school. While the bill passed the House because it was different from the bill that passed a Senate it was send to conference committee. The bill died in the conference committee.

HSLDA's Position:
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01/09/2012     (Senate)     Authored by Senator Kruse
01/09/2012     (Senate)     First reading: referred to Committee on Education and Career Development
01/26/2012     (Senate)     Committee report: do pass, adopted
01/30/2012     (Senate)     Second reading: ordered engrossed
01/30/2012     (Senate)     Senator Rogers added as coauthor
02/01/2012     (Senate)     Third reading: passed; Roll Call 181: yeas 42 and nays 7
02/01/2012     (Senate)     Referred to the House
02/01/2012     (Senate)     House sponsor: Rep. Behning
02/01/2012     (Senate)     Cosponsors: Reps. Yarde, Heuer and Porter
02/13/2012     (House)     First reading: referred to Committee on Education
02/27/2012     (House)     Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
03/01/2012     (House)     Third Reading, passed the House. Vote was 53 to 45
3/05/2012     (Senate)     Senate dissented from amendments
3/05/2012     (Senate)     Conferees and advisers appointed.
3/06/2012     (House)     Conferees and advisers appointed.
3/06/2012     (House/Senate)     Legislature closes, bill dies.


Senate Bill 384 originally dealt with accredited schools. However, after passing the Senate it was amended in the House Education Committee to add a new section to Indiana law. This section stated:

SECTION 20. IC 20-33-2-28.6 IS ADDED TO THE INDIANA CODE AS A NEW SECTION TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2012]: Sec. 28.6. (a) This section applies to a high school student who is transferring to a nonaccredited nonpublic school located in a private residence.
(b) Before a student withdraws from a public school, the student and the parent or guardian of the student must present an education plan to the principal of the public school. The principal must inform the student and the parent or guardian of the student of the parent’s or guardian’s minimum educational responsibilities for the student, including compulsory attendance, and that failure to ensure compliance with the minimum educational responsibilities could result in a charge of neglect of a dependent under IC 35-46-1-4. If the student and the parent or guardian of the student fail to provide an education plan to the principal, the principal shall report the student to the bureau of motor vehicles for action under section 28.5(g) of this chapter.

Amendment No. 3 was simply a modified version of Senate Bill 374 that was introduced earlier in the 2012 session. While we were able to help stop that bill, those pushing this issue added Amendment No. 3 to Senate Bill 384. In the discussion about Senate Bill 374 HSLDA made it very clear to the Indiana Department of Education that we did not support this approach at all.

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