Senate Bill 2150: Expands Compulsory Attendance Age Range

North Dakota
North Dakota

Last Updated: May 20, 2011
Senate Bill 2150: Expands Compulsory Attendance Age Range
Senators Tim Flakoll, Ray Holmberg, and David O'Connell and Representatives Rae Ann Kelsch, Kathy Hawken, and Lois Delmore

(Update: On April 13, 2011, the House passed an amended version of this bill. Among other changes, this amended version of the bill omitted the original language lowering the compulsory attendance age from 7 to 6 and raising the compulsory attendance age from 16 to 17.)

HSLDA's Position:

This bill should be monitored.

Action Requested:
None at this time

1/11/2011     (Senate)     Introduced
1/11/2011     (Senate)     First reading
1/11/2011     (Senate)     Referred to Education Committee
1/25/2011     (Senate)     Committee hearing at 9:00 a.m.
2/09/2011     (Senate)     Reported out of committee as amended 7-0-0
2/10/2011     (Senate)     Amendment adopted
2/10/2011     (Senate)     Rereferred to Appropriations Committee
2/14/2011     (Senate)     Committee hearing at 2:30 p.m.
2/17/2011     (Senate)     Reported out of committee as amended 12-0-1
2/18/2011     (Senate)     Amendment adopted
2/18/2011     (Senate)     Bill placed on calendar
2/18/2011     (Senate)     Passed second reading 46-0
2/21/2011     (House)     Received from Senate
2/23/2011     (House)     Introduced
2/23/2011     (House)     First reading
2/23/2011     (House)     Referred to Education Committee
3/15/2011     (House)     Committee hearing at 9:00 a.m.
3/15/2011     (House)     Committee hearing at 2:15 p.m.
3/31/2011     (House)     Reported out of committee as amended 11-4-0
3/31/2011     (House)     Amendment adopted
3/31/2011     (House)     Rereferred to Appropriations Committee
4/11/2011     (House)     Reported out of committee as amended 14-5-2
4/11/2011     (House)     Amendment failed
4/11/2011     (House)     Rereferred to Appropriations Committee
4/12/2011     (House)     Reported out of committee as amended 15-6-0
4/13/2011     (House)     Amendment adopted
4/13/2011     (House)     Passed second reading as amended 60-31
4/13/2011     (Senate)     Returned to Senate
4/13/2011     (Senate)     Refused to concur
4/13/2011     (Senate)     Senators Layton Freborg, Tim Flakoll, and Joan Heckaman appointed to conference committee
4/14/2011     (House)     Representatives Rae Ann Kelsch, David Monson, and Phillip Mueller appointed to conference committee
4/15/2011     (Senate)     Senator Gary Lee appointed to replace Senator Layton Freborg on conference committee
4/18/2011     (Senate)     Senator Layton Freborg appointed to replace Senator Gary Lee on conference committee
4/22/2011     (House)     Representative Corey Mock appointed to replace Representative Phillip Mueller on conference committee
4/25/2011     (Senate)     Reported back from conference committee with a recommendation that an amended version of the bill be adopted
4/26/2011     (Senate)     Conference committee report adopted
4/26/2011     (Senate)     Passed second reading 47-0
4/26/2011     (Senate)     Emergency clause carried
4/26/2011     (House)     Reported back from conference committee with a recommendation that an amended version of the bill be adopted
4/26/2011     (House)     Conference committee report adopted
4/26/2011     (House)     Passed second reading 79-14
4/26/2011     (House)     Emergency clause carried
4/27/2011     (House)     Signed by Speaker of the House
5/20/2011     (Senate)     Signed by President of the Senate
5/20/2011     Signed by Governor
5/20/2011     Filed with Secretary of State

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