Senate Bill 136: Requires Registration of All Children Attending Home-Based Private Schools


Last Updated: February 1, 2011
Senate Bill 136: Requires Registration of All Children Attending Home-Based Private Schools
Sen. Edward D. Maloney

This bill would change existing law to require that the parents of all children attending private schools in Illinois annually register their children with the State Board of Education. Additionally, the Board of Education is given authority to prescribe the procedure by which parents must register their children, meaning the Board would be free to require almost any kind of information as part of the registration process.

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:

Phone calls are no longer needed, unless you would like to send Senator Maloney a short message of appreciation for listening to us and tabling his bill. Sen. Maloney is a well-respected member of the Senate, and it is likely we will have opportunities to work with him again in the future.

If you are not a member of Illinois Christian Home Educators, please consider joining. They are a powerful and unified voice for homeschoolers in Illinois and were key players in leading the fight to stop SB 136.


1/27/2011 Senate - Filed by Sen. Edward D. Maloney
1/27/2011 Senate - First Reading
1/27/2011 Senate - Referred to Assignments
2/9/2011 Senate - Referred to Education Committee
2/15/2011 Senate - Hearing Scheduled in Education Committee
2/17/2011 Senate - Tabled By Sponsor Sen. Edward D. Maloney

This bill has been tabled by its sponsor, and is now effectively dead. Thank you for your support in helping to swiftly defeat this bill!


To those of you who tried to participate in HSLDA's online webinar Friday evening on SB 136, but could not because it filled up, my apologies. The event was recorded. Because of enthusiastic participation, the webinar lasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes. You can view it from HSLDA's archive.

To those of you who stood in line outside to attend the 9:15 a.m. Homeschool Freedom Summit on Tuesday, but could not enter because the room quickly filled to capacity, I offer my sincere gratitude and apology. To those of you who could not fit inside the committee hearing room, but remained patiently in the capitol hallways for the duration of the hearing, know that you were part of something truly historic.

It's often said that talk is cheap. But no committee member thought the testimony against SB 136 was cheap talk—since it was backed up by a crowd of thousands just outside the door

The Illinois General Assembly’s legislative glossary defines “tabling” a bill as: “Laying on the table or killing. Tabling removes a bill, resolution, or amendment from consideration.”

Thank you for standing with us for freedom!

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