Senate Bill 131: Full-day Kindergarten Incentives


Last Updated: March 3, 2010
Senate Bill 131: Full-day Kindergarten Incentives
Senator Shaffer B. and Senator Solano

The bill encourages school districts to implement full-day kindergarten programs that meet specified quality criteria by providing additional per pupil funding for children enrolled in the program. The criteria include requiring the full-day kindergarten program to be available to every child of kindergarten-age who resides in the school district and whose parents choose to enroll him or her in full-day kindergarten, as well as other program-quality criteria. In each budget year in which a school district implements a full-day kindergarten program that meets the specified criteria, the school district will receive 1.3 of the district's per pupil revenue for each child enrolled in the full-day kindergarten program. The commissioner of education will verify each school district's certification of a full-day kindergarten program that qualifies for the increased funding. The bill exempts a school district that receives 1.3 per pupil funding for full-day kindergarten students from the statutory provision that provides hold-harmless full-day kindergarten funding and from other statutory restrictions on the use of full-day kindergarten funding. Two years after the bill is enacted, the legislative service agencies will conduct a post-enactment review to determine whether the bill, as implemented, is achieving the desired results and benefits specified in the legislative declaration in section 1 of the bill.

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2/1/2010 (Senate) Introduced, sent to Senate Education
2/25/2010 Senate Committee on Education Postpone Indefinitely
Died in Committee

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