House Joint Resolution 6: Amending the Iowa Consitution to Define Marriage as Between One Man, One Woman


Last Updated: January 20, 2011
House Joint Resolution 6: Amending the Iowa Consitution to Define Marriage as Between One Man, One Woman
Reps. Alons, Anderson, Arnold, Baltimore, Baudler, Brandenburg, Byrnes, Chambers, De Boef, Fry, Deyoe, Dolecheck, Drake, Forristall, Garrett, Grassley, Hagenow, Hager, Hanusa, Heaton, Hein, Helland, Horbach, Huseman, Iverson, Jorgensen, Shaw, Kaufmann, Klein, Koester, Lofgren, Massie, Moore, Paulsen, Paustian, Pearson, Pettengill, Sands, Rasmussen, Rayhons, Rogers, Schulte, Schultz, Soderberg, Sweeney, Watts, Upmeyer, Van Engelenhoven, Vander Linden, Wagner, Windschitl, Miller, L., Smith, J., Olson, S., Taylor, J. and Worthan

This bill is a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa specifying marriage between one man and one woman as the only legal union that is valid or recognized in the state. If the bill is enacted, the proposed constitutional change will be submitted to the electorate for ratification.

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Action Requested:

1/19/2011 (House) Introduced, referred to Judiciary.
1/20/2011 (House) Subcommittee, Alons, Hagenow, and Wessel-Kroeschell.
1/24/2011 (House) Hearing scheduled in House Judiciary Committee
1/24/2011 (House) Judiciary committee recommends passage
1/31/2011 (House) Public hearing scheduled
2/01/2011 (House) Passed House, Yeas 62, Nays 37
2/02/2011 (Senate) Read first time, referred to State Government Committee

While the House Joint Resolution to amend the Iowa Constitution passed the House, the companion Senate resolution failed to pass the Senate before the session ended. This bill is now dead.


Our right to teach our children at home is based, in part, on the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. This right rests in part on the nature of marriage itself as the union of one man and one woman. Any attack on marriage will set in motion a chain of events that may lead to the undermining of parental rights, and ultimately the undermining of the right to educate one's own children.

According to the United States Supreme Court in Troxel v. Granville, parental rights are based on "western civilization concepts of the family." One of those core concepts is that marriage is between one man and one woman. If this core concept is abolished, the foundation of parental rights is dramatically undercut.

In 2009, the activist Iowa Supreme Court ruled that Iowa's law defining marriage as between one man and one woman was unconstitutional, giving the green light to same-sex marriage. Iowans promptly voted out three members of the Supreme Court, but the damage was already done. As a result, Iowans must amend their constitution to protect traditional marriage.

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