House File 584: Allows Parent-Taught Driver Education (Previously House File 160)


Last Updated: February 7, 2011
House File 584: Allows Parent-Taught Driver Education (Previously House File 160)
Representatives Hagenow, Windschitl, Watts, Lukan, De Boef, Huseman, Dolecheck, Koester, Fry, Pearson, Massie, Schultz, Alons, Forristall, Tjepkes, and Hanusa

This bill allows a parent, guardian, or legal custodian who is providing competent private instruction to a student to teach the student driver education, provided the person has a valid driver’s license that permits unaccompanied driving and has a clear driving record for the previous two years.

Homeschool parents have experienced many difficulties trying to obtain driver’s education through the public schools. In 2004, a parent-taught driver’s education bill passed both houses of the legislature, but Governor Vilsack vetoed it. This measure will save taxpayers money by reducing what the government spends on driver’s education.

More importantly, it will save lives. States that already have parent-taught driver’s education have seen a reduction in traffic deaths among young people who have been taught by their parents.

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:

02/01/2011 (House) Introduced, referred to Education Committee
02/03/2011 (House) Referred to Education Subcommittee
02/04/2011 (House) Passed by Education Committee
02/08/2011 (House) Introduced as HF 584, placed on calendar
02/08/2011 (House) Passed House, ayes 59, nays 35.
02/21/2011 (Senate) Read first time, referred to Education.
02/22/2011 (Senate) Referred to Education Subcommittee (Quirmbach, Boettger, and Dvorsky)

This bill failed to pass the Senate Education Committee before the session ended. It is now dead.

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