House Bill 69: Alaska Parents as Teachers Act


Last Updated: April 15, 2010
House Bill 69: Alaska Parents as Teachers Act
Reps. Tuck, Petersen, Kawasaki, Gara, Edgmon, Thomas, Buch, Gardner, Salmon

This bill would be known as the “Alaska Parents as Teachers Act.” It would establish a voluntary parent education home visiting program for children from birth to age 5, administered by the Department of Education and Early Development. These visits would be at least once per month. The program would involve monthly parent group meetings and annual developmental and health screenings of the children. Although this would begin as a voluntary program, it is most likely the first step to a mandatory program. HSLDA believes that parents, not state officials, are best qualified to determine what is best for their children.

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:
None at this time

1/20/2009 (House) Prefiled, released 1/16/09
1/20/2009 (House) Read the first time, referrals
1/20/2009 (House) Education, Finance
1/20/2009 (House) Referred to Education
1/20/2009 (House) Education at 8 a.m. in Capitol
1/20/2009 (House) Text heard and held
2/13/2009 (House) Education at 8 a.m. in Capitol Room 106
2/13/2009 (House) Text heard and held
2/13/2009 (House) Rep. Cathy Munoz added her name as cosponsor
4/10/2009 (House) Referred to Education Committee
4/10/2009 (House) Education Committee report: Do Pass 4, do not pass 1, no reccommendation 1
4/10/2009 (House) Referred to Finance Committee
4/10/2009 (House) Reps. Edgmon, Thomas, Buch, and Gardner added their
names as cosponsors
4/14/2010 (House) Finance Committee report: Do pass 6; no recommendation 5
4/14/2010 (House) Referred to the Rules Committee for placement on the
4/14/2010 (House) Rep. Salmon added his name as cosponsor

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