Senate Bill 33: Classifying In-State Status for Colorado High School Graduates


Last Updated: May 28, 2013
Senate Bill 33: Classifying In-State Status for Colorado High School Graduates
Senator Giron, Senator Johnston, Senator Aguilar, Senator Guzman, Senator Ulibarri, Senator Steadman, Senator Carroll, Senator Heath, Senator Hodge, Senator Hudak, Senator Morse, Senator Nicholson, Senator Schwartz, Senator Todd, Representative Duran, Representative Williams, Representative Salazar, Representative Moreno, Representative Garcia, Representative Vigil, Representative Pabon, Representative Buckner, Representative Exum Sr., Representative Fields, Representative Foote, Representative Kraft-Tharp, Representative Lebsock, Representative McCann, Representative Melton, Representative Peniston, Representative Rosenthal, Representative Ryden, Representative Singer

Senate Bill 33 sets eligibility for Colorado high school students for in-state classification at Colorado institutions of higher education. SB 33 requires students to have attended high school for 18 months in Colorado to qualify for in-state status. SB 33 modifies a section of the law that provides an additional qualification for individuals to establish their eligibility for in-state status. The definition section of Colorado revised statutes 23-7-100 includes in the definition of "in-state" student a student who has been "domiciled" within the state for one year prior to registering with an institution of higher learning in Colorado. Homeschooled students who have been domiciled within Colorado for at least one year would already qualify for in-state student tuition. The apparent purpose of this bill is to change the requirement that a student who does not claim domicile in Colorado demonstrate United States citizenship in addition to three years of attending high school.

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1/15/2013     (Senate)     Introduced and Referred to Senate Education Committee
1/24/2013     (Senate)     Senate Committee on Education Refer Unamended Senate Appropriations Committee
2/15/2013     (Senate)     Appropriations Committee Refers to Committee of the Whole
2/22/2013     (Senate)     Passed Second Reading
2/25/2013     (Senate)     Passed Third Reading
2/25/2013     (House)     Introduced in House and assigned to Education and Appropriations Committees
2/27/2013     (House)     Education Committee passes and refers to Appropriations Committee
3/1/2013     (House)     Appropriations Committee passes and refers to Committee of the Whole
3/5/2013     (House)     Passed House Second Reading
3/8/2013     (House)     Passed House Third Reading
4/29/2013     (Governor)     Signed by Governor

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