Senate Bill 2506: Fair Practices for Home School Applicants

New York
New York

Last Updated: March 5, 2014
Senate Bill 2506: Fair Practices for Home School Applicants
Senator Robach

Senate Bill 2506 prohibits the commissioner from requiring a student who has completed a home instruction program or any non-public school program from having to obtain or submit a general education development (GED) certificate or accredited diploma in order for admission into college. Instead, Senate Bill 2506 would simply require that the homeschool or non-public school student submit a notarized transcript that demonstrates completion of a high school education.

Senate Bill 2506 was originally introduced back in the 2011-2012 legislative session to address the problems some state schools were giving homeschool graduates. State law already allows colleges to accept homeschool graduates based upon a letter from their school district that they complied with state law (often called a letter of substantial equivalency) or simply by agreeing to follow the 24 college credit option, the completion of which allows any student to graduate from a a New York college (assuming the student has also met any criteria for their particular degree). While this bill would likely help make it even easier, most college admissions issues should be able to be resolved in the homeschool graduate's favor even without this bill.

HSLDA's Position:

HSLDA supports this bill.

Action Requested:
None at this time

01/18/2013 Referred to Education Committee
01/08/2014 Referred to Education Committee

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