Senate Bill 2134: Requires Instruction in Federalist Papers, Constitution

New York
New York

Last Updated: March 5, 2014
Senate Bill 2134: Requires Instruction in Federalist Papers, Constitution
Senator Andrew J. Lanza

Senate Bill 2134 amends the general education law in New York to require instruction in grades 9-12 on the provisions of the Federalist Papers and the United States Constitution. While instruction on the U.S. Constitution is already required, Senate Bill 2134 will require the regents to implement a course of instruction "on the history, meaning significance and effect of the Federalist Papers and the provisions of the Constitution of the United States and all amendments."

While Senate Bill 2134 will not amendment the homeschool regulations, the section of New York education law that is being amendment is included as required instruction under Section 100.10. Therefore, homeschool students will also need to receive instruction in the Federalist Papers if this bill passes.

HSLDA's Position:

At this time HSLDA is neutral on Senate Bill 2134 as it applies to all students.

Action Requested:
None at this time

01/11/2013     (Senate)     Referred to Education Committee
01/08/2014     (Senate)     Referred to Education Committee


Under Section 100.10 of the Commissioner's Regulations on homeschooling includes the following information that must be included in any home instruction program:

Education Law, sections 801, 804, 806 and 808, also require the following subjects to be covered during grades kindergarten through 12:

  • patriotism and citizenship;
  • health education regarding alcohol, drug and tobacco misuse;
  • highway safety and traffic regulations, including bicycle safety; and
  • fire and arson prevention and safety.

Senate Bill 2134 will amendment 801 New York Education law.

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