Senate Bill 1524: Financial Aid for College


Last Updated: February 6, 2014
Senate Bill 1524: Financial Aid for College
Requested by Senate Interim Committee on Education and Workforce Development

HSLDA and OCEANetwork are tracking a bill that will study the feasibility of creating a program in Oregon that would allow high school graduates to attend community college tuition free for a period of time.

Update: The bill was successfully amended in committee on February 4 to include students “who completed grade 12 in compliance with the requirements of ORS 339.035.”

Without the added wording from the amendment, Senate Bill 1524 stated that “a student who graduated from a high school in this state” would be eligible for such a program. While HSLDA and OCEANetwork believe that a student who has complete a home education program in Oregon can verify that they have graduated from high school, a parent teaching their child at home in Oregon is not operating a “school” as it is defined by state law.

Due to the previous wording, there was concern that homeschool graduates would not be considered in the design of this tuition free program under Senate Bill 1524.

As the bill now stands, our concern is alleviated.

HSLDA's Position:

As amended, the bill does not negatively affect homeschoolers.

Action Requested:
None at this time

02/03/2014     (Senate)     Introduced; First Reading
02/04/2014     (Senate)     Hearing before the Senate Committee On Education and Workforce Development; amendment passed.
02/05/2014     (Senate)     Second Reading
02/06/2014     (Senate)     Third Reading. Passed by Senate (Ayes, 29; Excused, 1).

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