S.B. 458 and A.B. 555: Admissions Standards for Home-Educated Students Enrolling in Public School Course


Last Updated: April 17, 2014
S.B. 458 and A.B. 555: Admissions Standards for Home-Educated Students Enrolling in Public School Course
House Senate
Representative Jim Ott
Senator Glenn Grothman

The change enacted July 2013 by A.B. 40 allowed schools to create unique admissions requirements for every course that a homeschool student might want to take. This gave schools the opportunity to put inappropriate roadblocks in front of homeschoolers. A.B. 555 keeps this in place for classes in kindergarten through grade 8, but it takes away the power of school systems to impose admissions requirements to individual courses in grades 9-12.


Senate Bill 458, as a amended February 18, will create a three-tiered system for accessing public school classes. 

Tier 1, Kindergarten through 8th grade. If the student is old enough to attend the district's kindergarten, the homeschooled student has a right to take up to two courses, space permitting, if the student meets the school's standard for admission to the particular courses.

Tier 2, 9th-12th grade. If the homeschooled student meets the public high school's standards for admission, the student has the right to take up to two classes, space permitting, and the school may not impose admissions requirements into the individual classes.

Tier 3, 9th-12th grade. If the homeschooled student does NOT meet the public high school's admissions standards, the student can take two courses, space permitting, if the school board determines that the student is qualified to be admitted to the courses. (Tier 3 was created by Senate Amendment Number 1 to SB 458).


12/12/2013 Introduced
12/12/2013 First Reads, referred to Committee on Judiciary
12/19/2013 Public hearing held
01/7/2014 Assembly Amendment 1 offered by Representative J. Ott (Link to amendment)
01/16/2014 Asm. Report passage recommended by Committee on Judiciary, Ayes 8, Noes 0
01/16/2014 Refereed to Rules Committee, placed on calendar.
01/21/2014 Action scheduled in Rules Committee.
1/16/2014 Placed on calendar 1-21-2014 by Committee on Rules
1/21/2014 Read a second time
1/21/2014 Ordered to a third reading
1/21/2014 Rules suspended
1/21/2014 Read a third time and passed
1/21/2014 Ordered immediately messaged
1/21/2014 Received from Assembly, in Senate
1/23/2014 First Reading, referred to Senate Education Committee


12/20/2013 Introduced

12/20/2013 First reading, referred to Committee on Education

01/30/2014 Public Hearing Held (Executive session canceled)

02/11/2014 Amendment offered (see below).

02/18/2014 Scheduled for a floor vote

02/18/2014 Second reading

02/18/2014 Senate Amendment 1 adopted 

02/18/2014 Third reading in the Senate, PASSED

02/18/2014 Received in the assembly from the senate

02/18/2014 First reading, referred to the Assembly Rules Committee

02/20/2014 Placed on calendar for rules committee

02/20/2014 Second reading

02/20/2014 Third reading

02/20/2014 Concurred

02/21/2014 Received from Assymbly concurred in

04/09/2014 Approved by the Governor

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Here is a link to 118.53, which both of these bills refer to.


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The 02/11/2014 Amendment.