P.del.S.255 Declares Homeschoooling to be a Fundamental Right

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

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P.del.S.255 Declares Homeschoooling to be a Fundamental Right
Sen. Ángel R. Martínez Santiago, Sen. Nayda C. Venegas Brown, Sen. Nelson V. Cruz Santiago, Sen. Zoé Laboy Alvarado

Puerto Rico is now the first among U.S. states and territories to recognize homeschooling as a fundamental right, thanks to a law signed by Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares on June 7.

It is declared public policy that'll the Government recognizes that church-schools are an educational option of excellence and stability, suitable for the promotion of a democratic, pluralistic and diverse society. The choice of an educational option, whether public or private or non-licensed, such as homeschooling and church-schools, is a fundamental right of the parents within their prerogatives of freedom of association and religious. As for these, the State may not discriminate in the delivery of public funds or other areas of service that are directed to students.

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This bill has been signed into law.

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