Legislative Victory Protects Parents, Affirms Homeschooling


Last Updated: Nov. 2, 2017
Legislative Victory Protects Parents, Affirms Homeschooling

AB 500 requires every public and private school that already has an "employee code of conduct with pupils" to provide a copy of it to the parents of each student enrolled in that school. This bill addresses problems in public and private schools dealing with school employees (including teachers) having inappropriate contacts or relationships with pupils.

After evaluating the problem with AB 500, working with HSLDA, and consulting with CHEA and others, FPM submitted a request for an amendment to AB 500, which was accepted.

Our amendment exempts private schools consisting only of parents and their children from the requirements of this bill.

AB 500 only impacts PSPs (Private School Satellite Programs) that maintain a section on employee interactions with pupils in its employee code of conduct. If so, the school will be required after July 1, 2018 to provide a written copy of the section to the parent or guardian. And if the school has a website, it will be required to post the information on the site for public access.

HSLDA's Position:

Our amendment to AB 500 clearly states that the new law "does not apply to a private school composed of parents or guardians working exclusively with their own children."

The addition of our amendment into the law also confirms, again, the legal existence of home-based private schools. It further protects the legitimacy of parents privately teaching their children at home in California, under the private school exemption in the education code.

Action Requested:

02/13/2017 INTRODUCED.
02/27/2017 To ASSEMBLY Committee on EDUCATION.
05/02/2017 From ASSEMBLY Committee on EDUCATION with author's amendments.
05/02/2017 In ASSEMBLY. Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Committee on EDUCATION.
05/10/2017 From ASSEMBLY Committee on EDUCATION: Do pass. To Consent Calendar. (6-0)
05/15/2017 In ASSEMBLY. Read second time. To Consent Calendar.
05/18/2017 In ASSEMBLY. Read third time. Passed ASSEMBLY. *****To SENATE. (69-0)
06/01/2017 To SENATE Committee on EDUCATION.
06/14/2017 From SENATE Committee on EDUCATION: Do pass. To Consent Calendar. (7-0)
06/15/2017 In SENATE. Read second time. To Consent Calendar.
06/19/2017 In SENATE. From Consent Calendar. To third reading.
08/24/2017 In SENATE. Read third time and amended. To second reading.
08/28/2017 In SENATE. Read second time. To third reading.
09/13/2017 In SENATE. Read third time. Passed SENATE. *****To ASSEMBLY for concurrence. (40-0)
09/14/2017 In ASSEMBLY. ASSEMBLY concurred in SENATE amendments. To enrollment. (78-0)
09/18/2017 Enrolled.
09/25/2017 *****To GOVERNOR.
10/08/2017 Signed by GOVERNOR.

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