LD 1428: An Act to Protect Religious Freedom


Last Updated: February 18, 2014
LD 1428: An Act to Protect Religious Freedom
Presented by Senator Burns of Washington. Cosponsored by representatives Timberlake of Turner, Crafts of Lisbon, Davis of Sangerville, Harlow of Portland, McClellan of Raymond, Turner of Burlingtonand and senators Cushing of Penobscot, Mason of Androscoggin, Sherman of Aroostook

LD 1428 puts religious freedom back where it belongs: protected at the highest sensible level.

Before 1990, religious freedom was protected at the same high level as our other fundamental rights, meaning that the government could impose its wishes and push aside your rights only if it had a compelling reason and did so in the least restrictive manner. But in 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision that treated the exercise of religion as a merely "ordinary " right—meaning the government could push aside your rights for a merely "rational" reason.

Many states responded and enacted laws to restore the pre-1990 level of protection. LD 1428 is an excellent bill that will give Maine residents the same pre-1990 level of protection of religious freedom already enjoyed in many other states.

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7/9/2013 - Carried over in the House.
7/10/2013 - Carried over in the Senate
1/16/2014- Public Hearing
2/18/2014 - "Ought not to pass" accepted, 19 Yes, 16 No

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