House Bill 8: Changes to Child Abuse Reporting Requirements


Last Updated: February 25, 2013
House Bill 8: Changes to Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
Representative Gingery

House Bill 8 would make it a crime if a person failed to report when they knew or had reasonable cause to suspect child abuse. Under current Wyoming law every citizen has an obligation to report child abuse. HSLDA is concerned that the overly broad language of these bills would create criminal penalties on any citizen who failed to report any kind of abuse. The potential for increased excessive and unnecessary criminal prosecution would be significant.

HSLDA's Position:

Support "Mandated Reporter Amendment" to HB 8
HSLDA has learned that an amendment will be offered to HB 8 to address these problems. This "mandated reporter" amendment would define mandated reporters and clarify that these mandated reporters would have an obligation to report under certain circumstances. The legislative proposals also increase penalties for false reporting which HSLDA supports.

Action Requested:
None at this time

1/09/2013     (House)     Introduced and Referred to Judiciary Committee
1/15/2013     (House)     Judiciary Committee Recommended Amend and Do Pass
1/15/2013     (House)     Amendment Adopted (Mandatory Reporter Amendment)
1/16/2013     (House)     Passed Second Reading
1/17/2013     (House)     Passed Third Reading
1/28/2013     (Senate)     Introduced in Senate and referred to Senate Judiciary Committee
2/6/2013     (Senate)     Senate Judiciary Committee Recommended Amend and Do Pass
2/22/2013     (Senate)     Senate Committee of the Whole voted to Postpone Indefinitely

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