House Bill 283: Amends Georgia's Homeschool Statute


Last Updated: May 24, 2013
House Bill 283: Amends Georgia's Homeschool Statute
Representatives Brooks Coleman, Terry England, Tom Dickson, Margaret Kaiser, Mike Dudgeon, and Paulette Braddock

As originally introduced, this bill would have required parents of a homeschooled child suspected of having a disability to notify the local superintendent of the suspected disability. Instead of submitting attendance records annually to the Department of Education, parents would have had to submit them anytime they were requested by a judge or social worker. The failure of a parent to maintain attendance records would have created a presumption that the child was a “deprived child.” A deprived child may be removed from the custody of the parent by the state.

As passed by the Senate, the latest version of this bill removes all of the threats to homeschoolers and instead offers less government oversight of home study programs. Among other things, it would eliminate the requirement that attendance records be submitted annually to the Department of Education. Additionally, the parent would be authorized to verify all aspects of the home study program to state agencies, including the Department of Driver Services.

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Passed the House 169-1. Passed the Senate 33-14. Signed into law as Act 335. See "Bill History" link below.

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