House Bill 2203: Protects Religious Freedom and Parental Rights


Last Updated: September 24, 2013
House Bill 2203: Protects Religious Freedom and Parental Rights
Representative Kinzer, Representative Alford, Representative Boldra, Representative Bradford, Representative Brunk

This bill would enact a law that would prohibit the Kansas government from substantially burdening a person's civil right to exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability, unless the government demonstrates, by clear and convincing evidence, that application of the burden to the person:

(1) Is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and
(2) is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest.

This bill also affirms that the right of a parent to control the care and custody of the parent's minor children is fundamental, including, but not limited to, control over education, discipline, religious and moral instruction, health, medical care, welfare, place of habitation, counseling and psychological and emotional well-being of such children.

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:
None at this time

02/01/2013     (House)     Introduced
02/04/2013     (House)     Referred to House Judiciary Committee
02/18/2013     (House)     Heard by Judiciary
02/26/2013     (House)     Judiciary recommends bill to be passed as amended
03/01/2013     (House)     Passed by House; sent to Senate
03/18/2013     (Senate)     Hearing scheduled in Senate Judiciary Committee
04/10/2013     (Passed)     Signed into law by the Governor.

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