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March 23, 2005

Senate Bill 59: Homeschool Freedom Bill

Senator Mark Madsen

This bill would clarify Utah homeschool law by taking away the school district's "approval" power. It provides that a school-age minor shall be excused from attendance upon the filing of an affidavit by the parent stating that the child will be homeschooled.

Furthermore, this bill makes it clear that a parent is in charge of the child's education. It states that:

  • The parent is solely responsible for the selection of instructional materials and textbooks, though the required subjects must be taught.
  • The parent is solely responsible for the time, place, and method of instruction, though a child must be taught "for the same length of time as minors are required to receive instruction in public schools."
  • A school board may not require a parent to keep records of instruction or attendance.
  • A school board may not require credentials for individuals homeschooling their children.
  • A school board may not inspect homeschool facilities.
  • A school board may not require standardized or other testing of homeschool students.

01/28/2005(S) Introduced
01/31/2005(S) Referred to Senate Education Committee
02/02/2005(S) Senate Education Committee - favorable recommendation
02/03/2005(S) Senate 2nd reading calendar report favorable
02/15/2005(S) Senate/ Pass 2nd
02/16/2005(S) Senate/ To House with amendments
02/17/2005(H) House/ Read 1st time (Introduced)
02/18/2005(H) House/ To standing House Education Committee
02/25/2005(h) House/ Read 2nd time (under suspension)
02/28/2005(H) House/ Read 3rd time
02/28/2005(H) House/ Passed 3rd reading
03/01/2005Enroll draft
03/18/2005Governor signed

Action Requested:
This bill is now law. No action is required.

HSLDA's Position:
Strongly support! This bill would clarify Utah's homeschool law and greatly increase every parent's freedom to educate their children at home. It would also decrease governmental intrusion into a parent's decisions for their children.

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