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New Hampshire
New Hampshire

December 3, 2008

Legislative Service Request 491: Relative to the Evaluation Procedure for Home Schooled Students

State Representative Judith E. Day (D)

A Legislative Service Request (LSR) is a number and title reserving a place for proposed legislation. There is currently no text for LSR 491 but when the text is released we will post a summary here. We do know that the bill is relative to the evaluation procedure for home schooled students.

11/26/2008 LSR filed

HSLDA's Position:
Neutral. HSLDA does not currently have a position on this bill due to the fact that the text of the bill has not been released. However, HSLDA does not believe that the New Hampshire homeschool law should be changed.

Action Requested:
Please contact the prime sponsor of this proposed legislation, Representative Judith Day, and give her the following message in your own words:

“It is my understanding that the S.B. 337 commission did not recommend any legislation. What is the problem your proposed legislation is intended to solve? How will it solve the problem? As a homeschooling parent I believe that the current law is working fine. Please do not introduce any homeschool legislation.”

You can reach Representative Day by phone at (603)964-5845 and by email at Email is preferred as it will allow you to receive a written response which can then be forwarded to others for further use. Please forward any interesting response to

In your communications with Representative Day or other legislators, please remain polite and professional. Remember that New Hampshire legislators are volunteers who essentially donate their time and energy to serve. As homeschoolers, it is to our benefit that we disagree without being disagreeable.