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November 10, 2008

House Bill 5912: Requiring All Homeschoolers to Annually Notify Local Superintendent

Rep. Brenda Clack

House Bill 5912 has been introduced. It would require all homeschoolers to register with the local superintendent. The bill also would require homeschoolers to turn in the names and ages of each child who is being educated at home and the name and address of legal guardians or parents doing the educating. The environment towards homeschoolers in the House is very hostile. Many legislatures come out against homeschooling while they were discussing a bill which would require the compulsory attendance age to be lowered. They cited lack of accountability as a need to regulate homeschoolers.

Thank you for your calls and emails! They are causing quite a stir in the legislature.

The office of one of H.B. 5912’s co-sponsors said: “there is no other group in Lansing that the representative and his colleagues have found more passionat…than homeschoolers (we’re hearing from homeschoolers who don’t even live in our district!).” One report has indicated that H.B. 5912 will likely never get out of committee this session, and would thus have to be reintroduced next session.

Other co-sponsors have indicated to their callers that they are wavering on whether to continue their support. However, keep your calls coming so that this bill will not “see the light of day.” We hope the affect of these calls will make it clear to the sponsoring representatives that we do not want this bill being introduced next year, either.

3/19/2008(House) Introduced, referred to the Committee on Education.

HSLDA’s Position:
HSLDA is opposed this bill.

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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