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Federal Legislation
March 6, 2009

H.J.Res. 29—Right to Public Education Amendment

Action Requested:
No action is requested at this time. HSLDA will continue to monitor this bill and will send out an action e-lert if the bill comes up for a hearing.

This is a proposed constitutional amendment creating the right of public education for every person.

3/3/2009Introduced and referred to House Committee on the Judiciary.

Sponsor: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., (IL-2)

Bill Summary and Status H.J.Res. 29

HSLDA’s Position:

Talking Points:
HSLDA opposes this amendment because it would significantly increase government influence and control over the education of children. The amendment would create a right for all people to have a public education. By stating that every person has a right to public education, the federal government further infringes on the rights and liberties of parents to choose how to educate their children, should they prefer homeschooling or private schools.

The text of this amendment also grants the Congress authority to “enforce and implement this article by appropriate legislation.” Not only does this mean the federal government can ensure that schools are not denying education to anyone, but also that the federal government may create programs ensuring that all people receive a public education.

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