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Federal Legislation
October 1, 2007

H.R.2015—Employment Non-Discrimination Act

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Legislative Summary:
Congress is poised to consider a bill that would forbid employers from refusing to hire people based on their “sexual orientation or gender identity.”

ENDA would prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. This would mean that a business or organization with more than 15 employees would be barred by federal law from refusing to hire a person because of the person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

ENDA contains an exception for churches but does not exempt Christian organizations or religious organizations such as HSLDA, or private religious schools or colleges. Large homeschool support groups or co-ops that employ individuals could also be subject to ENDA and could also be forced to hire an individual whose sexual preference violates the organization’s beliefs. ENDA would likely also apply to non-profit groups like the YMCA or the Boy Scouts, as well as for profit organizations like Christian bookstores, curriculum companies, magazines and radio stations.

Furthermore, this legislation could open the door to more federal laws which would restrict the freedom of employers and possibly even organizations and churches, from deciding whom they will hire.

Legislative History:
ENDA was first introduced in 1997. The current version of ENDA does not provide as strong an exemption for religious organizations as previous versions of ENDA.

4/24/2007Introduced and Referred to House Education and Labor
9/5/2007Sub-Committee hearing in Education and Labor’s HELP Subcommittee.

Rep. Barney Frank (MA)

Cosponsors: (162)

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