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Rhode Island
Rhode Island

September 15, 2006
West Warwick School District v. Mr. and Mrs. F
School committee wrongly revokes approval

Filed: April 26, 2006.

Nature of Case: Mr. and Mrs. F have homeschooled their older son for six years, and began homeschooling their younger son this year. On September 9, 2005, they submitted a notice of intent to the West Warwick School Committee. On November 16, 2005, they received a letter from the Superintendent of West Warwick, stating that the School Committee had denied the notice of intent due to lack of information regarding a plan of assessment.

After consulting with HSLDA, Mr. and Mrs. F then submitted a letter on November 21, 2005, stating that they would provide an annual assessment, but not defining what the assessment would be. The School Committee then voted to approve their notice of intent. However, in the letter notifying them of the vote, the superintendent stated that they must provide assessment results twice per year.

On April 26, 2006, the family was informed that if they did not submit an assessment for the instruction that had occurred during the first semester, the superintendent would seek to have the School Committee revoke its approval of their home school. On our advice, the family did not submit any assessment. HSLDA defended the family’s right to submit only the assessment that the School Committee had approved, but the School Committee voted to revoke approval.

Status: HSLDA appealed the denial to the Commissioner of Education. The family administered standardized achievement tests as their year-end assessment. Their oldest child scored above the 90th percentile on a test that was a year ahead of his grade. We submitted the year-end assessment and persuaded the district that the year-end assessment showed that mid-year progress reports were unnecessary. The school district agreed to reinstate its approval. Closed.

Last Updated: September 15, 2006