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January 9, 2007
Michigan v. Willits Family
Social Worker ‘Fishing Expedition’ Case Dismissed

Filed: November 2006

Nature of Case: The Willits faithfully homeschool their eight children in Lenawee County, Michigan. An anonymous tipster contacted social services to report the Willitses for allegedly having housing that was inadequate, particularly the family’s sleeping quarters. The social worker visited the home unannounced but the father wisely refused entry and set a time the next day for her to come back. Later the social worker came back and was allowed into the home, only to find the family’s home to be very clean, neat, and adequate, especially the sleeping quarters. The social worker also mentioned that she was looking for neglect and abuse, but she did not find anything that evidenced that. Nevertheless, the social worker would not close the case until she had a proper interview with the children.

After HSLDA’s Senior Counsel Chris Klicka sent a letter on the family’s behalf, the social worker still did not give up her pursuit of an interview with the children.

A month later the social worker came back with a court order. The court order was not obtained legally, nor did it contain all the proper information required legally.

HSLDA hired Michigan attorney Dave Kallman to take over. Kallman called the court referee to ask for a hearing to cancel the court order. After some banter back and forth with the court referee, Kallman finally made his point and the court referee promised to bring the order to the judge’s attention. The next day, Kallman checked with him and he said the court order was withdrawn.

Status: Dismissed.

Last Updated: January 5, 2007