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January 9, 2007
Michigan v. Broughton Family
Judge Threatens Family with $3,500 Fine!

Filed: April 2006

Nature of Case: The Broughton family had enrolled their child for a time in the Detroit Public Schools, after moving from Eastpointe. When the family met with many problems in the public school, they decided to homeschool and notified the Detroit public school accordingly. However, when the family transferred their child from Eastpointe to Detroit, Detroit never asked for the child's records to be transferred from Eastpointe. For this reason, the Broughton family faced criminal charges for the whole time their child was enrolled in the Detroit public schools and for the couple of months that the family had begun homeschooling. Although the mistake was brought before the prosecutor, he would not dismiss the case.

Attorney Dave Kallman was hired by HSLDA to represent the family at a pre-trial court conference. Kallman explained to the prosecutor that the Broughtons were legally homeschooling their children. He was explained, by Kallman, the homeschool law, which, he hadn’t understood prior. In fact, the prosecutor had told Kallman that he thought homeschooling wasn’t even allowed. Kallman asked that the case be dismissed.

The prosecutor discussed the case with the truant officer only to find that he had no proof that the family was not homeschooling. The case was dismissed.

Status: Dismissed.

Last Updated: January 5, 2007