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The Pennsylvania Religious Freedom Case

Since 2005, HSLDA has been representing several families in their challenge to the Pennsylvania homeschool statute on the grounds that it violates their religious convictions as protected by the state’s Religious Freedom Protection Act.


Homeschoolers’ Religious Freedom Case Can ProceedAugust 6, 2003

Charting Freedom’s CourseNovember/December 2004

Pennsylvania: Religious Freedom under FireMay/June 2006

The Fight for Religious Freedom ContinuesJune 5, 2006

Combs, et al, v. Homer-Center School District, et alSeptember 15, 2006

Court Rules Homeschoolers’ Religious Freedom Not ViolatedAugust 21, 2008

Religious Freedom Protection Act Returns to State Court March/April 2009

Improved Homeschool Law Moots Newborn Case December 19, 2014