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The Cressy Family Story

“HSLDA heard about the Cressy case and we were concerned about the implications it would have in New York for not only the Cressys but also other homeschooling families—that for simply not filing paperwork they could be charged w/ child endangerment, which is a crime which could send people to jail. So we were very concerned about them, we were very concerned about the precedent it might set in New York.” — HSLDA President Mike Smith

The Cressy’s Story

In this six-minute video, Rick and Margie Cressy tell the moving story of how they were arrested simply for failing to file their homeschooling paperwork and how HSLDA was able to protect their freedom to homeschool.

Arrested for Homeschooling: The story of the Cressy family in New York

On January 4, 2010, the news broke: homeschooling parents Richard and Margie Cressy had been arrested on criminal charges of child endangerment and their mug shots were splashed across local newspaper and television reports. If convicted, they could face jail and a fine. Read more ...

Cover story in The Home School Court Report, Mar./Apr. 2011, pages 6–9, 32–33.