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Worldview Basics

So what is a worldview? According to R. Wesley Hurd:

“It is one way of naming the ‘grid’ for thinking and believing that God built into every human being. It is a set of basic beliefs—about God, the world, human beings, history, death, knowing, as well as much more mundane things—that make up what a person assumes to be true. Out of one’s worldview, a person evaluates, makes decisions, and makes meaning and sense of his or her life. James Sire, whose book The Universe Next Door (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1976) is one of the most helpful on the subject of worldviews, defines a worldview as a basic set of beliefs and ‘concepts that work together to provide a more or less coherent frame of reference for all thought and action.’ (p. 16)”
—from “Me and My Worldview” by R. Wesley Hurd

You have a worldview (whether you realize it or not) and so does the publisher of the material you are considering using. You may choose to use material presented from a different worldview than your own, but it is helpful to know this in advance, especially when working with young children.



  • Worldview Academy:
    Offers worldview training at weeklong camps in the summer for teens (13 and up) and Mere Christianity Worldview Weekends (for teens and adults) during the academic year.
  • Summit Ministries:
    Founded by David Noebel, Summit Ministries provided worldview training using Noebel’s original book and worldview materials: Understanding the Times: the Religious Worldviews of Our Day and the Search for Truth. The ministry provides Summit Leadership Seminars, two-week intensive worldview training for teens and also Summit worldview Weekends.
  • The Wilberforce Forum for Cultural Renewal:
    The Wilberforce Forum, founded by Charles Colson, offers occasional Wilberforce Weekends, designed to promote Christian worldview. Wilberforce Forum is a Christian worldview institute affiliated with Prison Fellowship Ministries.
  • Focus on the Family Institute
  • World Views of the Western World by David Quine:
    A biblical worldview approach to history (the biblical worldview is the gauge against which all ideas are evaluated). An integrated study of philosophy/theology, literature, art, music, government, economics, and science.
  • God’s World News   PerX HSLDA Member Discount Available
    Note: HSLDA members receive PerX discount on this and some of our other suggested resources.

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