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You may wonder, “Why are we devoting a whole section to time management, household management, and putting dinner on the table? What about teaching science and history? What about creative writing?” All those are great questions, and we’ll address them in the other sections, newsletter articles, and special workshops, and there are plenty of how-to-homeschool books available (see our Suggested Resources list!).

But our experience is that most people who give up on home education don’t quit because they can’t teach science or find “the perfect curriculum.” They quit because they despair of educating their children and feeding the family and tackling the laundry and clearing an entry path from the front door… so they think something has to go—and guess what that something usually is? You guessed it.

So even though household organization and “Getting Dinner on the Table the Same Day You Homeschool” may not seem like the ultimate homeschool-related topics, your family will appreciate them (whether they recognize it or not!), and you will have hope for another day of science and language arts.

God will not call you to do more than you are able to do, and He will equip you to do that which He has called you to do. We hope that this section can be one of His instruments to equip you in this noble calling.

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