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Category 1 (Ages 7-10) Theme:

If I only had the time, I'd . . .

First Place Winner

Mia Arcedera

If I Had a Day

If I had a day I'd laugh and play,
I'd skip through the meadows at noon,
I would stand on the clouds, and hold up the sun,
Lest evening break too soon.

If I had a day I would sail away,
To explore an unknown land.
I'd climb the mast, and look out for sharks,
And then rest awhile on white sand.

If I had a day I might lie in the hay,
I'd make it as soft as my pillow.
I would say to my friends and my foes alike,
"Today I'm so happy and mellow!"

If I had a day I'd spend it this way,
Forgiving all grudges and glowers.
And that is what really I'd do,
If l'd only my 24 hours!

Second Place Winner

Kaeb Coughlin

Slowly Shaping Sticks

I hunt for a spot of buttery sun
To craft a partner for my gun

Wind rustles conifer trees
The weight of wood upon on my knees

My back and hand dampen with sweat
As silver knife and brown wood met

Shiny blade knicks
Whittling various sticks

Red wood handle rests in palm
Now cool shade keeps me calm

I don't have a care as I munch on my pear
As the smell of the pine floats through the air

Armed with my kingly wooden sword
Never shall my life be bored!

Third Place Winner

Elijah Ruehle

Animals I Would Like to See

If I had all the time in the world to play,
this is what I would do today . . .
I would like to see orcas swimming and diving,
And a king cobra slithering and sliding.
I would like to see wolves with their sharp shiny claws
And a big lion with its giant gold paws.
I would like to see sharks so big and so gray,
with their long tails swaying away.
I would like to see pandas eating bamboo,
And a white fluffy owl saying who-who.
That is what I would do in a day,
If I had all the time to play.

Honorable Mentions

Makenzie Baker

A Gymnast's Dream

A dream come true;
A whole day off with nothing to do!
Every hour can be spent in the gym,
Tenaciously stretching every limb.

I will flip, I will fly,
Courageously reaching for the sky.
Calculated in every movement,
It requires diligence to see improvement.

I run, tuck, and stick it strong,
Energetically moving along.
Balanced and confident on the beam,
Gymnastics builds my self-esteem.

It takes teamwork, friendship, and pointed toes
If we are going to beat our fellow foes.
And let me not forget to pray
And thank God for my talent each day.

Rebekkah Baker

A Day in God's Painting

It is me and my horse
On a full day's adventure
Through nature's obstacle course.

We'll climb to the highest mountain,
Pass dancing, yellow wildflowers,
And find a flowing fountain.

We'll stroll beside the bubbling riverside;
Take a long drink and stretch our weary legs,
And thank God for the charming ride.

When the golden sun lowers in the painted sky,
Well make our way back to camp,
And to the woods, Ill wave goodbye.


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