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Please contact the Contest Coordinator at contests@hslda.org with any questions. We love your feedback!

Photography Resources

We are still building our resources site.  Do you know of other resources that have been helpful to you and that you would like to recommend?  Share them with us at contests@hslda.org.


  • Learn about the proper care and maintenance of your camera.
  • Good Salt is a leading source of religious imagery. View creative collections by photographers such as Kevin Carden and James Work for inspiration if you are interested in this genre of photography.
  • Lightstock offers collections of stock photos that are moving and powerful, which can inspire you as you seek to find that unique, fresh perspective that will make your photos stand out from the rest!
  • Visit our Photo Contest Archives (listed on the right by year) to see what our judges have appreciated in the past.
  • Better suited for high school audiences, How to Take Better Pictures has video tutorials, recommended books, and a wealth of empowering articles, especially The Secret: What Makes a Great Photo.
  • Digital Photography Review—For more serious photographers, this site has reviews about cameras, lenses, photo editing programs, articles, buyers guides, forums, galleries, and more!
  • Look at the perspective used to take the photographs at National Geographic and the Smithsonian, among other larger publication agencies.  While you may not be able to go to as exotic locations, you can learn a lot from the perspective, lighting, and composition (including what grabs your attention in each photograph) of these professionals.
  • Best Buy’s Lens Buying Guide page has helpful descriptions and graphics showing various camera lenses and their features.


Love to take pictures?  Considering it as a possible career or side job?  Even if not professional, photography can be a wonderfully flexible side job throughout your lifetime.  Check out some of these great resources which can help you know if photography would be a good direction for you and information on what you can do next to pursue it.

  • SnapShop Workshops offers online DSLR camera photography workshops
  • 12 Best Online Photography Courses, Schools & D​e​g​r​e​e​s
    If you are on the fence of committing your career to photography, the following resources are here to help you make an informed decision about your potential photography profession. Whether you are fully-dedicated to photography and want to earn your online degree or you just want to learn the basics of Photoshop, you can review the links on this page and see what form of education suites you.

Following wholesome photography blogs can help you better understand what life is like for professional or amateur photographers.  One that our judges appreciate:

For good career consideration in general, check out:


If you are considering participating in our contest, you have a growing capacity for photography.  Would you consider using that God-given talent to minister to others?  Your photos could be a source of great blessing and help to a person in need, a church, or an organization!

We encourage you to be creative as you consider ways you can use your pictures to impact the lives of those around you for good while inevitably honing your own skills.  For example, you could:

  • Participate in Help-Portrait 2013 to give hope through capturing a person’s unnoticed beauty.
  • Offer to take pictures at an event hosted by a local non-profit, church, or retirement home
  • Start or help out with a program that uses photography to reach out to at-risk kids and youth, providing them with a creative outlet to make positive choices.  Check out Focus on Youth for ideas!
  • Take pictures for local or state homeschooling groups at graduations, conferences, science fairs, plays, geography bees, or other special events
  • Volunteer with Inspiration Through Art to give a voice to children who feel forgotten
  • Check out Volunteer Match to find fascinating opportunities to help in your area!
  • Ask if local hospitals or animal shelters could benefit from your free services!

The possibilities are endless.  Homeschooling gives students and parents room to think outside the box and choose the path that best fits their needs and abilities.  Have that same open-minded creativity when it comes to how you can serve your friends, family, and neighbors through your talent for photography!

Had a great volunteering experience?  We’d love to hear about it!  Share with us what you did at contests@hslda.org, post on our Facebook wall, or write to us at PO Box 3000, Purcellville, VA 20134.  Pictures welcome!

For more ideas and resources, visit HSLDA’s Volunteer and Community Service Ideas for Teens  and the Recommended Resources page.