Carol Brown, BA, MA, EdD

Special Needs Consultant

Dr. Carol Brown has over 35 years of experience as a classical school headmaster, principal, teacher, cognitive-developmental therapist, social worker, reading and learning specialist, speaker, special needs consultant, and mother. She also homeschooled her children at different stages of their educational journey.

Carol has completed her EdD, MA in Social Services, and BA in Rehabilitation Counseling. She is the author of Human Development: Equipping Minds with Cognitive Development and the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum, as well as a contributing author in Neuroscience and Christian Formation.

In 2009, Carol founded Equipping Minds, a brain development center, which serves children and adults of all ages and abilities including private, public, and home educators in over 40 countries through training workshops and online therapy.

She is an FIE Mediator, a consultant for Sound Therapy International, and an educational and cognitive developmental therapist. She is also trained in primitive reflex integration therapy.

Carol and her husband Kyle are the parents of three adult children.