This year, home school statutes or regulations were adopted in Georgia, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Virginia.
(Non-HSLDA cases are marked with an “ * ”)

February 23 — Nebraska: Exactly three months after they had been jailed for having their children enrolled in a Christian school, six courageous Christian men walked out of jail free. Michael Farris handled this case for Concerned Women for America.*

August 16 — Nebraska: The State Department of Education announced that parents with a sincerely-held religious conviction against state educational standards can privately educate their children as long as the children are taught equivalent branches of learning and are submitted to periodic state testing.

November 15 — Louisiana: The State Board of Education adopted Home Study Guidelines. The legislation stipulated that for the 1984-85 school year, all applications for home schooling will be automatically accepted. In 1985-86, however, home school parents must meet one of three requirements.

December 19 — Indiana: The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled in favor of the Mazanec family and upheld the right of home schools to operate as private schools saying, “it is now doubtful that the requirements of a formally licensed or certified teacher . . . would pass constitutional muster.” *

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