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Ways Your Group Can Make and Save Money

by Mike Smith • December 21, 2015

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One of HSLDA’s primary objectives is to support state and local homeschool organizations. We believe that regional groups of families are the backbone of successful homeschooling, providing both support and flexibility to individual families. And while the vast majority of groups run by volunteer efforts, there are always financial needs. Here are six easy ways HSLDA can help your group—large or small—make and save money.

Become an HSLDA Discount Group. Our Discount Group program exists to make HSLDA membership more affordable to families while encouraging them to participate in a support organization. Homeschool groups with ten or more families can obtain a Discount Group number that each family can use to receive a $20 membership discount. There are other benefits too—by properly maintaining its roster, your group will receive one free HSLDA membership each year. You’ll also have access to helpful information about leading a group and a discount on group insurance. Find out more here.

Take advantage of HSLDA’s free advice for individuals and groups! HSLDA has so much to offer to homeschooling families, even those who aren’t members of our organization. Find lots of how-to-homeschool information for the elementary grades, high school, and struggling learners. (HSLDA member families also get personal legal advice if they need help complying with your state homeschool law or are having trouble with a school official.) And if you have a practical or legal question in your capacity as the group leader, you can contact us at or 540-338-5600. Our Group Services consultant, Vicki Bentley, and staff attorney Darren Jones are happy to assist you!

Apply for a Home School Foundation grant. HSLDA Discount Groups with at least 25 HSLDA member families are eligible for group grants from the Home School Foundation, HSLDA’s charitable arm. The grant money may be used for tax-exempt purposes. Your Discount Group will automatically receive an application if your group roster is kept up to date. Find more details here.

Outfit your graduating class with quantity discounts from the HSLDA Store. Our online store offers a variety of resources for homeschooling families. We’re especially proud of our graduation supplies—diplomas, caps, gowns, announcements, and honor regalia. We offer many of these items with quantity discounts, and you can pass those savings on to the families in your group.

Participate in HSLDA Online Academy’s Earn and Learn Program. HSLDA Online Academy offers online high school courses that prepare homeschooled teens for AP Exams and college. The Academy’s referral program, Earn and Learn, is available to both individuals and groups. Simply apply to receive a unique Earn and Learn promo code, and anyone who signs up for an HSLDA Online Academy course using your code will receive a special discount or other benefit—and your group will receive a commission. This page has more information.