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“Sick” by Shel Silverstein

First Place Winner

Hannah Khuzadi of California

Thunder Storm

The rain poured down on my face,
Leaving me wet in every case.
The lightning made the windows shatter.
All around the trees were tattered.

The fear I had to fight,
As thunder struck at night.
Why am I out here?
When my house is near.

The wind struck me hard,
And weighed me down like tar.
Why am I so scared?
Why am I not aware?

Help me, help me please!
I still don’t have the house keys.
Then a knock with all its power,
My mom told me to get out of the shower.

Second Place Winner

Rosalie Chiang of California

Is There a Monster at My Door?

I just saw a horror movie
Does that corner hide a zombie?
I go to my room and climb in bed
I pull my blanket over my head.

Now I am certainly afraid
What I need is a barricade
Are those footsteps in the hallway?
At least they sound so far away ...

Yikes! The footsteps are getting near
Echoing all my frantic fear
Is it a werewolf dripping gore?
Now it’s right outside my door.

The squeaky doorknob slowly turns
The door creaks and my tummy churns
I am panicked, I’m not calm
The door swings open ... oh, it’s Mom.

Third Place Winner

Rosalie Chiang of California

The Annoying Hole

Ice cream truck, you’re coming I know
I see you there, so don’t be slow
There’s a hole in my tummy
Please fill it with something yummy

Rocky road, wild berry
Cookie dough and black cherry
Watermelon, ice cream roll
My tummy has a hungry hole

Can you hear my belly grumble?
In my head, ice cream flavors tumble
My hunger grows more and more
Waiting here is such a chore

Now I reach for my money
Nothing’s there – it’s not funny!
Would you believe that dreadful hole
Into my pocket took a stroll!

Honorable Mentions

Charles Noble of Virginia

The Battle

The infantry line moves one by one,
The battle has just begun;
Heroic knights zigzag through the men,
Ready and willing their king to defend.

Warrior clerics sail into the fight
Seeking their enemies to smite;
Here comes the champion fierce and tall,
A mighty queen, not a man at all.

As she moves this way and that, our men go down;
I fear my king will lose his crown.
The enemy is closing in,
I know my side will not win.

I hold my breath, but it’s too late,
“Ah Ha!” says my friend, “It’s checkmate”
The battle was no success
And I have lost this game of chess.

Sara Christiano of Tampa, FL

The Playful Predator

In a lonesome forest late at night,
The moon speckled the floor as the only light.
The predator prepares to pounce on his prey,
While hiding in the bushes, he cautiously lay.

He leapt and raced for his life,
Claws rounded and ready like a knife.
And as he raced, he dodged and soared,
Over and under as he hissed and roared.

Then, his feet rested upon the ground,
And he listened as he looked around.
So, the kitten playfully pranced away,
Delighted to be alive today.


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