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Zeezok Publishing
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Established in 2003, Zeezok Publishing has continued to grow to over 100 unique titles.

Be sure to check out these great resources:

  • Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades: Book 1 - Your child will come to know, love and appreciate seven different composers—Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, and Schubert. It not only meets the national academic requirements from kindergarten through sixth grade, but also opens up the world of the fine arts and entertainment for your students.
  • A Noble Experiment: The History and Nature of the American Government - At its inception in 1787, the new U.S. constitutional government began with the premise that people could successfully rule themselves. But could this form of government endure, or would it fail, as did the democratic Greek city-states and the Roman Republic? The curriculum encourages students to prove the success of the self-government experiment. (High School)
  • Practical and Foundational Economics - Designed to teach basic economic principles with practical application. (High School)
  • Z-Guides to the Movies - Each guide contains ten learning activities for an in-depth study of the film. A terrific supplement to your history curriculum. (All ages)
  • Presidential Penmanship - A supplemental handwriting skills program for first grade through senior high based on writings and quotes of America’s founding fathers and presidents. Available in six different handwriting styles.
  • Civil War Series - follow the action through the eyes of two cousins on opposite sides of this conflict. Your children will experience their thoughts, feelings, and hopes as they follow the narrative from book to book.
  • The Shining Sword and Song of the Trumpet - Biblical allegories that teach about obedience, failure, victory and the vital importance of putting on the full armor of the King.
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