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Keyboarding4Kids presents, Keyboard Classroom, America’s leading learn-to-type software curriculum for Homeschool Families. Great typists, like great athletes, need to learn the fundamentals by practicing them day after day, building new skills only after they master something less difficult. Keyboard Classroom is systematically designed so a child must truly master a skill, building muscle memory, before advancing to a more challenging one. It’s the only typing program conceived as a result of 20 years of research with children. The average student, practicing just 15 minutes a day, will be typing 35 words per minute after just six months.

The Keyboard Classroom software constantly tracks each individual child’s progress. Mom and Dad can monitor progress by checking the ranking system displayed on the program’s main page. As they progress, students earn “virtual tokens,” redeemable to play games built into the system. Keyboard Classroom does not use games as teaching tools, but as a reward for achievement.

Your purchase also includes our exclusive finger guides that attach to most standard keyboards by Velcro, assuring that your child’s fingers will always be on the correct keys, allowing them to learn touch-typing without incorrect, error-prone moves. The software is compatible with all Windows-based operating systems. It is not Macintosh compatible unless you are running Parallels software (version 4.0 or above).

Keyboarding4Kids is proud to offer all HSLDA members a ten percent (10%) discount off the base price of any Keyboard Classroom learn-to-type software license ordered via our website ( using an HSLDA coupon code. Discount does not apply to shipping costs.

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