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New Life Cinema, LLC now offers all HSLDA members its 10% discount program. Also, part of the proceeds of your purchase goes to support the Home School foundation.

The Tales of Waterville™ are wholesome children’s animated DVD titles based on Judeo-Christian values. As Christians, we understand how important it is for our children to have viewing entertainment that is edifying and encouraging. The Tales of Waterville™ were created under the premise of wholesome family entertainment with uplifting messages and the absence of violence and romantic undertones. Every story is an entertaining life lesson back-dropped on letters of the alphabet -- with fun songs children will enjoy! Each fun-packed DVD title includes two episodes and runs a total of 23 minutes. 2 DVD titles are available for purchase now! They are edifying, wholesome, animated, character building stories on DVD.

The Parent Television Council gives its seal of approval to the Tales of Waterville™. Please visit The Parents Television Council’s website to read the review for the Tales of Waterville A&B title under “movie reviews” menu then under the “PTC DVD and Video Reviews” tab!

Please visit the Tales of Waterville™ website at and view sample clips of each of the available titles!

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