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Growing Better Families
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HSLDA Member ID #* is a totally unique website where families can discover new ways of doing things and experience the excitement of seeing results. This is where families can become stronger and learn about new and creative solutions built on the timeless principles of honor, trust, truthfulness, respect, responsibility and accountability. Families can learn how to function according to God’s Creative Design and find increased meaning and purpose in life enabling them to lead through serving others in their communities.

The GreenHouse is the membership opportunity of Growing Better Families.

Member Benefits include full access to:

  • The Family Resource Library
  • The Family Web Forum with The Discussion Board and S.A.F.E.R. Homes
  • From My Desk. Dr. Becker shares insights from years of experience, thoughts for personal and spiritual growth, recommended reading, etc.
  • Learning Today, Sharing Tomorrow. The Family Co-Mentor™ Training and Educational Program sponsored by Growing Better Families.

Membership in the GreenHouse facilitates support and interaction between persons who are committed to family values and enhanced family functioning. Members can view their contributions posted on our website.

Would you like to receive assistance and support? Do you want to help other families? The Family Web Forum has been created just for you.

Have you considered how you might positively impact other families? Learn how you can make a difference through Learning Today, Sharing Tomorrow, the Family Co-Mentor™ Training and Educational program sponsored by Growing Better Families. Access a description of the study course from the home page.

To learn more about us and our mission/vision, visit today and while you’re there take advantage of the 20% membership discount for HSLDA members.

Lowell E. Becker, M.D.
Founder and President

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