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Recognizing the potential dangers, expense, and lack of efficiency in many traditional models for higher education, CollegePlus! combines a Christian based distance learning system with personalized mentor support to guide students through earning their degrees in a fraction of the time and cost. HSLDA members receive a 5% tuition discount.

Earn a fully accredited Bachelor's degree in two years or less for under $15,000. Best of all, do this in the comfort of your own home. Many homeschooling students are combining high school and college and are even graduating with their Bachelor’s degree before they turn age 18!

CollegePlus! employs the model of education that was used to train our Founding Fathers—a mentor-directed education. CollegePlus! coaches provide spiritual mentoring and step-by-step academic assistance through a network of coaching professionals. Distinct advantages include:

  • Christian worldview
  • Discover and record God’s individual purpose for your life
  • Mentor directed education
  • Vision-oriented academic accountability
  • Assistance when preparing and sitting for college-level exams
  • Use integrated study modules
  • Complete college from home
  • Combine college and high school
  • Define and reach academic goals
  • A comprehensive degree plan
  • Fully accredited degree
  • Earn a degree in two years
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Take advantage of specific internship opportunities

With the CollegePlus! coaching system, students will experience a college program specifically tailored to their learning objectives and build a network of relationships with coaches, experts in their area of study, and other likeminded students. Coaches will guide students through the learning process with detailed instruction and one-on-one contact. In addition to being academic guides, coaches will challenge students to develop the character and discipline essential to becoming effective leaders.

Your degree, faster, for less, and for sure—Fill out an online information request today!

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