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Moore's Reminders for Math
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Moore’s Reminders for Math is an educational product that is designed to help students refresh their memory in solving various mathematical problems. The product consists of a set of color coded 3” x 5” cards held together with a metal ring. Each color set represents a different area of math. The colored sets are numbered for quick and easy referencing. Each math area begins with terms and definitions.

Moore’s Reminders for Math is a tool for parents and students to use as a resource for recalling the math skills learned earlier in school. Once a concept or basic math principal and process is learned, the cards refresh ones memory of the steps required to solve the mathematical problem. Textbooks teach a process, when in reality all that is needed is a reminder. Moore’s Reminders for Math can be used by students beginning in the fourth and fifth grades and on into high school and beyond. It is a wonderful tool when used by parents to assist their child with math homework. It increases the child’s success rate and results in improved grades.

High School students have taken the ACT and SAT college entrance exams and earned a low mark on the math portion of the test. These same students have used Moore’s Reminders for Math to refresh their memory on processes learned years earlier. When the test is retaken the math scores on these tests have been higher.

Moore's Reminders, LLC is offering HSLDA members a 15% discount off the purchase price (not including shipping and handling charges). Your purchase of Moore's Reminders for Math will also help us support the Home School Foundation. You can order Moore's Reminders for Math at

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