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 In The News (2015 Archive)

March 28: Associated Press
Homeschool Basketball Team Helps Player on Opposing Team

March 27: The Times of India, Mumbai, India
Parents at Home with Homeschooling Idea

March 24:
More Military Families Choosing Homeschooling over Common Core

March 23: City Paper, Washington, D.C.
African-American Parents Take Schooling into Their Own Hands

March 22:
Homeschool Freedom and the Common Core: Good News, Bad News

March 10: The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana
Ty Salvant’s Big Idea is Boosting Homeschool Student Advancement

March 7:
House Panel Approves Bill That Would Grant Foreign Homeschool Families Asylum in U.S.

March 6: KSPR-TV Channel 33, Springfield, Missouri
Homeschool Students Could Play for Public School Sports Teams

March 5:
Homeschoolers to Form Parental Rights Coalition against Threats to Freedom from Newtown Commission

March 2: Hartford Courant, Hartford, Connecticut
Homeschooling Parents Bristle at Sandy Hook Policy Recommendations

March 1: The Voice, London, United Kingdom
From Homeschool to University

February 26:
Sweden’s High Court all but Bans Homeschooling, Family Appeals to ECHR

February 26: WNDU-TV Channel 16, South Bend, Indiana
Michiana Homeschool Basketball Team Aims for Nationals

February 26: Christian Post
Ben Carson: Homeschool, School Choice Benefit All Americans, Common Core Doesn’t

February 23: Christian News Network
Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill That May Allow Homeschoolers to Play School Sports

February 22: West Virginia Public Broadcasting
As Homeschooling Grows, Advocates Hope for Change in Legislation

February 20: Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas
Homeschool Water Polo Team Offers Competition, Christian Environment

February 20: Oakland University
Honors College Student Researches Post-Homeschool Life in Germany

February 17: The Atlantic
The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families

February 15: Union Leader, Manchester, New Hampshire
Hollis Mom’s Blog Highlights Homeschooling Issues

February 9: The Huffington Post
Homeschooling: Setting the Record Straight

February 6: Marianas Variety, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Private School Coalition to Set Criteria for Homeschooling

February 6: The Vicksburg Post, Vicksburg, Mississippi
Homeschool Student Thrives as Lawmakers Debate Bill

February 4: Fox 5 TV, Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia’s First Homeschool Football Player at the USMA

January 30: Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana
Homeschool Players Finding Their Niche in Search for Competition

January 27:
Jewish Couple Fights Sweden Ban To Homeschool Their Children

January 26: Education Watchdog
Homeschooling Has Its Advantages: Just Ask These Two Chicago Families

January 21:
School Board Reverses Controversial Homeschool Policy

January 19: Quad-City Times, Davenport, Iowa
Quad-City Families Appreciate Option of Homeschooling

January 15: WTVR-TV Channel 6, Richmond, Virginia
Outcry leads to change in Goochland Policy about Religion and Homeschooled Students

January 12: Herald-Standard, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Changes to Homeschool Law Receives Praise from Parents, Questions from Public School Officials

January 11: The Cavalier Daily, Charlottesville, Virginia
Homeschooled 12-Year-Old Pursues Electrical Engineering Degree

January 11: Norman Transcript, Norman, Oklahoma
Doctor to Deliver Keynote at Christian Homeschool Organization Dinner

January 9: WTVR-TV Channel 6, Richmond, Virginia
Goochland Parents Upset about Homeschooling Policy

January 7:
Success: State Board Challenged for Rejecting Homeschool Diplomas

January 6: Fluvanna Review, Palmyra, Virginia
Homeschooling Attracts Fluvanna Families

January 6: Providence Monthly, Providence, Rhode Island
Growing Number of Rhode Island Families are Opting to Teach Their Own Kids

January 4: New York Times, New York, New York
Homeschooling: More Pupils, Less Regulation

January 5: The Observer, Gladstone, Australia
Homeschooling Option Passes the Test with Teen

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