United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Child Rights law passed after three-day debate
January 22, 2014: The Federal National Council has passed the country’s first Child Rights law.

A Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling
August 7, 2012: The National reports from the United Arab Emirates on homeschooling and its advantages and disadvantages.

Home schooling puts children in a class of their own
March 10, 2012: A growing group of Asians in the UAE are opting to teach their children at home.

Home-schooling in the UAE: Parents teach to give their kids an edge
March 29, 2011: The National, an English language newspaper in the UAE, covers the growth of homeschooling.

Home schooling gaining popularity in Abu Dhabi
November 12, 2008: Home schooling has increased in popularity and admissions in the capital over the last few years.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance:
Primary education is compulsory.

Legal status of home schooling:

Expatriates are able to homeschool freely, as education laws only apply to citizens of the Emirates. Please contact the groups below for additional information if you are a national.

 Contact Information

Dubai and Northern Emirates Homeschool Association
Contact via email

Abu Dhabi HomeSchoolers Association (ADHSA)
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Homeschooling in Al Ain (Join for access)

UAE Muslim Homeschoolers

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