Betty Statnick
Special Needs Consultant

Betty Statnick received her B.A. in Biblical Education and later earned 80 additional credit hours in elementary and special education (including diagnostic and remedial reading and reading clinic experience) from the University of Virginia and College Misericordia. She was awarded an M.Ed. with an emphasis in learning disabilities from Marymount University in Virginia. Betty has taught for more than 20 years at elementary through adult levels in both public and private school settings. Since 1990, she has been working exclusively with homeschool families as an educational diagnostician, consultant, and tutor. She has been HSLDA’s Special Needs Consultant since 1995.

Title:A Passel of Possibilities: Teaching Tips to Lighten Your Load
Length:1 hour
Topic:Education, Parenting, Special Needs
Audience:All, Parents
Description:Learn some easy—to—implement ideas that will make your teaching more effective.

Title:Crates and Critiques—Handle Some Materials Not Found at Most Homeschool Conferences
Length:1 hour
Type:Q & A, Workshop
Audience:All, New Homeschoolers, Support Group Leaders, Veteran Homeschoolers
Description:Take a firsthand look at general and specific in—demand tests.

Title:Spiritual Literacy—10 Things You Must Know and Teach
Length:1 hour
Type:General Session, Workshop
Topic:Motivational, Parenting, Spiritual, Why Homeschool
Description:Discover or be reminded of the impact of the spiritual on academic learning.

Title:Tears—Someone Understands
Length:1 hour
Topic:Encouragement, Special Needs
Audience:All, Parents
Description:Hear some Scripture references for your downtrodden spirit.

If you would like to schedule Betty Statnick as a speaker for your upcoming event, contact her at 540—338—5600. Betty is willing to speak up to three times per event.

Betty does not charge for her talks, but does require that the host cover her travel and hotel expenses.

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