James R. Mason
Senior Counsel

Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Jim Mason has defended homeschoolers from truant officers, school superintendents, and social workers in courts and administrative tribunals all over the country. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Oregon State University and his law degree at Regent University. Jim served in the United States Navy and is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. He and his wife, Debbie, have homeschooled all of their seven children. Their oldest son is a student at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. They live in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

Title:Confessions of a Homeschool Dad
Length:45 minutes
Topic:Encouragement, Parenting
Audience:All, Fathers
Description:How one homeschooling dad came to understand that we don’t homeschool to get our kids into Harvard; we homeschool to get our kids into heaven.

Title:Homeschooling: The Struggle to Be Free
Length:60 minutes
Type:General Session
Topic:Education, History, Legal, Legislative
Description:Homeschoolers have won the right to teach their own children in their own homes. How did this happen? Who gets the credit? Is that struggle over? Jim recounts the political history of American education and proves that the price of liberty is still eternal vigilance.

Title:What You Should Know about Social Services
Length:60 minutes
Topic:Child Protective Services, Dealing with Social Workers, Legal
Description:Practical workshop regarding your legal rights when a social worker comes to your home.

If you would like to schedule James Mason as a speaker for your upcoming event, contact him at 540—338—5600.

Expenses, plus modest negotiable honorarium.

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