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Yes. All personal information is confidential—including whether or not you are a member, all contact and personal information, information about your family, and any information about legal services you have received.

HSLDA may send to you information on behalf of our partners, but we do not share your personal information with anyone.*

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Privacy Policy

At HSLDA we take your privacy seriously. What kinds of data do we gather, how do we protect it, and what do we do with it? You can find out, make choices about your data, and know that your information is secure.

Protecting Children with a Background Check Policy

Background checks are a key component of child protection policies. But how extensive should you require them to be, and what are your options? HSLDA attorney Darren Jones weighs in . . .

Protecting Children from Abuse

Do you want to protect your children from abuse and create a safe community for the kids in your home, neighborhood, church, and homeschool group? In this series:

European Court of Human Rights Homeschool Decision Wrong Again!

January 22, 2019 : The court ruled that German authorities did not violate the Wunderlichs’ rights when they seized their four children by force for testing and evaluation.

Donate to Disaster Relief

Your gift to HSLDA Compassion Disaster Relief will fund grants to homeschooling families who have suffered from large-scale disasters in the past year, such as flooding, fires, and earthquakes.

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Provide curriculum and support for 500 more single moms and widows!

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The Letter Kills but the Spirit Gives Life

Despite impressing officials with their success, an African homeschooling family was ordered by the court to enroll their students in public school. This Ugandan homeschooling dad weighs in . . .

What’s Next? 2020 Legislative Trends + Homeschooling

Our goal of course, is to guard the ability of loving parents to teach, protect, and nurture their children.

Join Team Possible

YOU can be the answer for single moms, widows, and other in-crisis families when they need it most—when homeschooling is not possible without financial help.