February is the month of love! In our homeschool preschool, we use February to learn more about feelings and to search for ways to help others feel loved and cared for. Some favorite books help us accomplish our Valentine-themed mission.

  1. Love Is by Diane Adams

      Love Is book cover,

    This sweet book walks through the story of a girl raising a duck in the city. Although not technically a Valentine book, it’s become one of our favorite stories this time of year. In raising the duck, the girl learns about self-sacrificial love and discovers what it means to love something enough to let it go, experiencing profound joy in the surprise ending. Since this book only has a couple of sentences on each page, we use it as an opportunity to talk about emotions. I point to each illustration and ask my preschooler what is happening, and then tell her to describe what the girl is feeling. The book is a great springboard for learning about complex emotions centered on love.

  2. Little Angels’ Alphabet of Love by Joan Walsh Anglund

      Little Angles's Alphabet Of Love book cover,

    K is for “kindness” and T is for “trust.” As you practice the ABC’s, this book travels through the alphabet using words inspired by love. A simple and fun book for learning about virtues and actions that demonstrate love toward others.

  3. Valentine’s Day Is…by Gail Gibbons

      Valentines Day Is... book cover,

    My love for Gail Gibbons is strong. Her books are engaging and educational without overwhelming children with too many facts. Her Valentine’s Day book explains the holiday’s Roman origins, introduces Saint Valentine’s history, and provides the story behind Valentine traditions, such as Cupid. Save this book for older preschoolers who can sit through detailed stories. This is the first year my newly 4-year-old has really loved this book.

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George!

      Happy Valentines Day, Curious George book cover,

    We’ve been reading this book since my oldest was 1, and it’s become one of our Valentine traditions. Although it’s primarily for younger readers, my 4-year-old still enjoys it. It walks through all the components of a Valentine party that Curious George plans for his friends. Little readers lift the flaps on each page to find a surprise underneath.

  5. Mirabel’s Missing Valentines by Janet Lawler

      Mirabels Missing Valentines book cover,

    As my favorite book on this list, this story cannot get any sweeter. In it, a shy mouse prepares valentines to deliver to her classmates. On her way to school, her valentines fall out of her bag and are accidentally delivered to local townsfolkthe trash collector, construction workers, the elderly neighborwho are all excited to receive valentines. Mirabel becomes friends with the townsfolk and finds her courage in the process. I love the way this story demonstrates the tangible way that people can be blessed by something as simple as a valentine.

  6. In My Heart: A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek

      In My Heart: A Book of Feelings book cover,

    This book is a must for preschoolers learning about feelings. Readers learn that their heart is like a house with emotions and feelings living inside it. Turn the pages to discover more about feelings, from bravery to fear to hopefulness. We read this book every February and use it as an opportunity to talk more about emotions.

While there are many other fun and popular Valentine’s Day books, these are the ones we’ve been reading on repeat all month long. Which ones do you love? Follow me on Instagram (@chelsearmoore) to drop a comment and for more Valentine’s Day fun. 

Chelsea Moore