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Patriot Hill Games
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Patriot Hill Games is owned by four Patriots that sought to change the way children and young adults are being taught the founding documents of our great country, The United States of America. Like our forefathers believed in freedom and individual rights, we believe in an educated young Patriot. With that thought in mind we set out to develop a game that would make learning fun! So what is our unique platform?

We combine an interactive question and answer based learning platform with a video game based entertainment platform so children and young adults are engaged from beginning to end in what we like to call a learning based video game.

In this tower defense game it is up to you, the Patriot, to defend the U.S. Constitution from its enemies over 20 levels. From the Preamble to the 27th Amendment these attackers will do anything to get to the Constitution to stop you from learning. NOT ANY MORE! Read and answer questions about the Constitution and earn points to defend the Constitution from the 5 enemies of Socialism, Apathy, Red Tape, Runaway Courts and the Tax Tornado. They will be defeated using the knowledge you learn, and 8 towers, each with their own unique power. In defense of knowledge you will use the Minuteman Tower, Eagle Tower, Stars ’N Stripes Tower, Potomac Tower, Liberty Bell Tower, American Spirit Tower, Second Amendment Tower and Free Enterprise Tower.

Constitution Defender is the ideal way to learn the Constitution as the game is made for ages 9+. Three distinct levels (Easy, Medium and Hard) ensure your Patriot can test and increase their knowledge to the fullest extent. Younger children may be assisted by an adult, while older children and adults can move on to the advanced levels for more in depth learning.

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